5 tips to lift exercise motivation this August

As we launch into August the motivation to exercise can be at an all time low. It's cold, and at this point winter seems to be never-ending. 

Local sporting champion Olivia Bird is a national rower, runner, triathlete and former member of the New Zealand Rugby Sevens Team.

Below she shares a few tips on where sports fits into her life today and how she lifts her motivation to exercise during winter.

Recently I've spent time away from competitive sport and found a new passion for exercise. I love to stay fit but I'm no longer worried about race results which means that I need to find motivation to exercise in other ways. Here are a few of the tricks I use to maintain a good exercise routine in the colder months:

1. Train with mates. They'll hold you accountable plus you can catch up while you train. Enjoying a coffee together after exercise is an easy way to lure me out of bed too. This morning I did a few laps at the pool with friends and then we enjoyed a lot of caffeine at our favourite local 7010.

2. Have a goal or event at the start of spring to pull you through. This year I'm part of CHIA's team at Spring Challenge, a women's multisport event. 

3. Make training enjoyable and mix it up. Winter's a good time to get cross training and strength in. Don't feel like you have to tick through kilometres on the treadmill. 

4. Don't be hard on yourself, if its raining and cold and you miss a training there's always the next day. Don't make training a chore.

5. Start the day with crisp winter air and remind yourself of how good you will feel after getting up.

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