Inspiring People


People inspire us so we decided we wanted to share some of their stories. Some are contributing to their community, others are working on the environment, inspiring youth, entrepreneurial leaders, or athletes. All have stepped beyond the necessary and taken a risk to excel and bring about change. We got in touch with Anna Watson to be our monthly writer. Here is her story.

CHIA's inspiring people by Anna Watson

There are 11 zigzags leading up to the top of MacKinnon Pass, the pinnacle of the Milford Track.  The first zigzag gently slopes through a cloak of beech forest.  The eleventh zigzag treats you to a beating heart, a dusting of snow and perhaps the finest views in the world.  Its pretty inspiring stuff (once you catch your breath) to think of Quintin Mackinnon cutting his way through the rugged wilderness from Te Anau to Milford Sound to make the track we know today as the Milford.


I recently made the decision to leave behind the corporate world in Auckland and make the Milford Track my new office.  The thing I am perhaps looking forward to the most in my new role as a guide on the Track (apart from the excuse to eat my weight in scroggin and / or chocolate every day) is the wealth of people I will meet.  We each have a story, and its incredible what we, and New Zealanders in particular, can and do achieve.


Chia pretty much nails this message on the head by challenging us to “Be the difference”.  So when Chloe, founder of Chia, approached me to work with her to track down awesome humans who make a point of being the difference in Aotearoa I was in with a grin.


Every fortnight or so, Chia is going to bring you the story of someone out there who is living their dream of “Making the difference”.  These are the people you want to hear about.  The ones who have done something different, pushed themselves past the limit, pulled out some of that good old Kiwi ingenuity.  I’m pretty excited to get a taste of inspiration courtesy of Chia, and I hope you are too.