Introducing: Chia Sisters Smoothies


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This is our story.

We are sisters in Nelson, New Zealand, who make nutritious and ethical juice. We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can do things a little differently and a little better. That’s why we are New Zealand’s first solar-powered juicery and the region’s first living wage accredited employer.

It is why we care about every ingredient that goes into our juice to ensure it is the best.

We don’t have training in marketing, business or food manufacturing. We just believe in doing ethical business and making healthy beverages.

We decided to change our brand from CHIA to the Chia Sisters because we wanted you to know our story and to know who is behind our product. It’s about real people making something good for you. 

Caring about the products we choose can be lost as we rush down supermarket aisles. How do we bring back the connection? This is an invitation: get in touch. Tell us something about yourself. What can we do better?

It is also an invitation to think about what we purchase as well as our exchanges with others. Every action we take and every word we speak has an impact on other people and the planet. Let’s be mindful to make those impacts positive.

That’s all for now,

Chloe and Florence

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