good for brain Function, Gut health, & immunity

The goodness in CHIA has a direct impact on your well-being, and we have done the tests to prove it. By drinking CHIA you are looking after the health of your brain, your immune system, your gut, and energy production, so you can be your best you.

Pre-biotic - omega 3 - Antioxidants - micro-nutrients

CHIA is Pre-biotic

Pre-biotics provide the perfect environment for healthy bacteria to grow in your gut.

CHIA is a good source of fibre

Most juices remove the fibre, but it is the fibre that makes you feel full, helps regulate blood sugar levels and is important for gut health.

CHIA is packed with omega 3

CHIA contains plant omega 3. This is an essential amino acid needed for brain and heart health. Plant omega 3 is considerably more sustainable than squeezing the oil out of fish.

CHIA is full of Micro-nutrients

With the levels of micro-nutrients in CHIA we can make the following health claims:

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CHIA contains high levels of magnesium, this contributes to;

A reduction of tiredness and fatigue
Energy metabolism
Psychological function

And is necessary for

Electrolyte balance
Nerve and muscle function
Teeth and bone structure
Protein synthesis
Normal cell division
Contributes to normal growth and development (children)


CHIA is also rich in Iron, This contributes to;

The reduction of tiredness and fatigue
Blood formation
Energy production

And is necessary for

Oxygen transport
Immune system function
Normal neurological development in the foetus
Cell division
Contributes to normal growth and development (Children)
Contributes to normal cognitive development (Children)

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CHIA is rich in calcium, This contributes to;

Energy metabolism
Function of digestive enzymes
Cell division

And is necessary for

Teeth and bone structure
Nerve and muscle function
Blood coagulation