Hemp Protein Prebiotics and Gut Health


Hemp seeds have both soluble and insoluble fibre.  Insoluble fibre is a prebiotic essential to good gut health and digestion. 

The fibre in hemp seeds slows down the digestive processes, accumulates water, and insures that the protein is absorbed into the blood stream.  Without fibre, protein will not absorb effectively (note that chia seeds are also one of the highest sources of dietary fibre of any food).

The high glutamine content in hemp protein is especially beneficial for gut health (as well as skin and muscle benefits). Glutamine is known for its anti-aging effects on the skin, as well as energy production, and muscle building. The glutamine in hemp protein powder and hemp seed can protect the lining of the gut and help it keep a strong intestinal barrier, in addition to reducing intestinal permeability (i.e., leaky gut), enhancing immune cell function.


Beware of highly processed protein powders such as whey, rice, and pea, that promise a huge percentage of protein, but can’t deliver to the blood stream.  Its important to look at the full range of amino acids and dietary fibre as this is critical to protein absorption.  Because of the glutamine and fibre content, hemp protein is easily digestible whereas other protein powders can caused bloating and inflammation of the bowel, as well as absorption issues.  

While pea protein, whey and rice protein are highly processes, hemp is a natural, raw, and unprocessed food.  Nothing is added.  In addition, it is grown without pesticides so is a more pure form of protein than others.

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