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Our Story


Chloe and Florence craft health beverages in their hometown of Nelson, New Zealand. Surrounded by mountains, lakes, and at the edge of the pacific ocean; the outdoors is their playground.

Chloe is a neuroscientist and holds a diploma in herbal medicine. With this background and a passion for nutrition Chloe set out to discover the world's healthiest foods six years ago.

She also had another motive: to fuel her sister, Florence, a national champion triathlete and father, Ben, a national champion swimmer. Both struggled to find nutritious fuel: sports foods and drinks on the market were low in nutrition and high in artificial ingredients, sugar and caffeine.

After years of researching the world's most prized superfoods, and testing in the high altitudes of the Himalayas, the Chia Sisters' dream was born: a range of drinks containing the richest plant source of essential nutrients on the planet.

Athletes loved CHIA. And so did everyone else. So much so that CHIA was named the nation's healthiest food at the New Zealand Food Awards.

As popularity of CHIA grows Chloe, Florence, Ben and the Chia Sisters Team continue developing innovative ranges always with nutrition as the focus, unconstrained by convention, and nature at the core.


Our Team

Florence Van Dyke

I’m the other half of the Chia Sisters. I like to get things done. I track team goals and spread the word about the world's best beverages. That means sales, exporting, marketing and HR rolled into one. As an ex-lawyer I'm also in charge of negotiating the fine print on deals (although in general I aim to keep any reading of less than size 10 font to a bare minimum).

If you want to get in touch before 9am you can find me swimming circles in Nelson Harbour.


Chloe Van Dyke

I'm the founder of Chia Sisters. My background in Neuroscience and research of the medicinal properties of plants, naturally fostered the desire to make the healthiest, most innovative beverages in the world.

To do this it's my role to surround myself with people who are more intelligent and can get the job done better than I ever could.




Kevin Toughey

I'm the production manager, engineer and food technologist. This means I hunt for the best tasting and most nutritious ingredients, and blend, juice and bottle them into the world’s best beverages. My current project is innovating and mixing a Hemp Protein Smoothie - the world’s first hemp smoothie and the newest of the Chia Sisters’ range.

When I’m not busy in the juicery I’m on my mountain biking with my mates and family riding just about every bike track in the region.

Evie Peattie

I’m in charge of all things logistics and administration related from managing exports deals and accounts to getting all of the delicious and nutritious juices out of the Chia Sisters’ solar-powered factory in sunny Nelson to the door of your local café, supermarket, service station.

Outside of work you can find me roping friends in to walking the Richmond hills with me and my gorgeous pooch.


Chia Sisters’ dad Ben Van Dyke

I’m Dad. I am the Chia Sisters mentor in life and business and am well-known for helping out in a crisis.

I love Chia Sisters drinks almost as much as I love swimming. I’m a world champion for my age group but my real competition is beating Florence at the local Thursday night sea swim races.




Lisa Page

I like to keep my emails up to date and dealt with. That is why when you place an order at Chia Sisters you will find the courier dropping the world's healthiest beverages to your doorstep within 2 days of ordering and if it is not there on time I hunt it down for you!

I love to keep myself busy which usually involves cross fit, netball or chasing my tiny humans around while working part time with the best team in town - Chia Sisters.

Advisory Board

Pic Picot of Pic's Peanut Butter

Julie Jackson from NZTE

Tim Saunders from Kono

Don Everitt from Nelson Honey