Hawke's Bay Apricot Edition. Here for summer (until we run out).

Our Story

Our Story

Chloe and Florence craft health beverages in a solar powered juicery in Nelson, New Zealand. The brand reflects the upbringing of the curly haired sisters: surrounded by mountains, lakes, and at the edge of the pacific ocean, the outdoors was their playground.

Chloe is a neuroscientist and holds a diploma in herbal medicine. With this background and a passion for nutrition Chloe set out to discover the world's healthiest foods six years ago. She also had another motive: to fuel her sister, Florence, a national triathlete.

Athletes loved Chia. And so did everyone else. So much so that Chia was named the nation's healthiest food at the New Zealand Food Awards. 

As popularity of Chia grows around the world Chloe, Florence, Ben and the Chia Sisters team continue to develop new ranges always with innovation, nutrition and sustainability at the core of what they do.