We strive for sustainability in everything we do. From the way we treat our team, to where we source our ingredients and how we juice the good stuff. A few of our proudest achievements are below.

Solar power

In 2018 Chia Sisters became New Zealand’s first solar-powered juicery. We put enough panels on our little juicery in Nelson to harness 16kw of energy per hour from the sun - double the amount needed to run our juicery. We send what we don’t need back to the grid.

The best part about this change is how easy it has been: we take the sun’s energy for free and then save money on our electricity bill. We hope that sharing our solar-power story will encourage other businesses to take the same approach. Be in touch if you want to know a bit more about how you can use solar to reduce your electricity bill and make a difference to the planet at the same time or read the newspaper article here.

Recycled glass

We made the decision when we launched in 2012 to bottle our juices in recycled glass from New Zealand.

That means each Chia Sisters bottle is made mostly from glass that has been used by a Kiwi before. Where plastic bottles are largely made from non-renewable resources and are difficult to recycle in New Zealand, glass is infinitely recyclable. Be sure to put your empties in the recycling bin and you might just get your bottle back when you enjoy your next Chia Sisters beverage.

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Living wage

Our team is our most important asset. One way we show their value is by paying all the team more than the Living Wage (the amount needed to provide workers and their families with basic necessities and also to live and participate as active citizens in society). We decided to become accredited with Living Wage Aotearoa to raise awareness about the movement that tackles poverty and inequality. Check out our awesome crew here.

Zero Waste policy

We aim for zero waste: in the office, in the ingredients we buy and in our manufacturing process.

Low carbon ingredients

We always consider the carbon footprint of the ingredients we use to make our juices. All of our juices are 100% made from plants. Where possible we source local and where we can’t we look at the carbon impact. Chia seeds are a great example: they require no watering to grow and have low impact on the soil. We always freight via sea rather than by airplane to minimise carbon emissions.