Our juice

We pick nature's most nutritious ingredients to craft the world's healthiest beverages. Ancient knowledge meets innovation and science to make all-natural fuels for the mind and body. So we can be the best we can be.  

Always made from plants and from the most sustainable ingredients we can find, our juices represent our goal to be champions for the planet. No plastics is a given. No added sugar is a given.  We go beyond to create positive impact, for the heart, the gut, the brain and the world. 

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While trekking through the Himalayas Chloe came up with the idea of CHIA. Made from hydrated chia seeds in natural juices, CHIA is packed with nutrients essential for health. The omega 3 in Chia is proven to improve brain function, the magnesium prevents fatigue, fibre improves gut health, iron boosts energy levels and antioxidants fight disease. And did we mention a descent dose of calcium, natural electrolytes and selenium?

Chia is made in the small town of Nelson, New Zealand but its reach is big.  CHIA is now Oceania's most nutritious beverage, winner of the Food Awards and exported worldwide. 

It goes without saying that CHIA is all natural and made from plants. That means no added sugar, no gluten, dairy, soy, genetically modified ingredients or artificial anything.

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In their hometown of Nelson the CHIA team were out mountain biking (and getting more than a little thirsty) when the idea behind AWAKA Sparkling Coconut Water was born. The first prototype was crafted that day from blending coconuts and homegrown berries.

The coconut water in AWAKA is sourced from green island-grown Fair Trade coconuts packed with five essential electrolytes - sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorous - making it the perfect way to hydrate. The coconuts are blended with fruits and roots from New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific to make four healthy flavours: Ginger & Turmeric Zing, Tasman Bay Berries (staying true to our roots these are sourced just minutes from the CHIA HQ), Blackcurrant Boost and Zesty Lemon. 

Like CHIA, it goes without saying that AWAKA is made from plants and all natural. That means no added sugar, no gluten, dairy, soy, genetically modified ingredients or artificial anything.