Hemp Protein Superfood Smoothie Cacao + Banana

Hemp Protein Superfood Smoothie Cacao + Banana


✓ Protein Powerhouse
✓ From Plants
✓ All Natural
✓ Dairy Free
✓ Prebiotic
✓ Recycled glass
✓ Carbon Zero
✓ Bottled by solar power
✓ Living Wage employers
✓ Aotearoa made

Chia Sisters blend hemp seeds, ground chia seeds, full-bodied cacao, bananas and strawberries to craft a high-protein hemp superfood smoothie.

Hemp is one of the world's best sources of protein and is one of the only sources of plant protein, along with chia seeds, to contain all essential amino acids (and then some!).

Hemp is rich in omega good fats, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. This superfood smoothie is high in dietary fibre - prebiotics that are essential for healthy digestion.

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