The Chia Sisters Mix

The Chia Sisters Mix

from 45.00

Enjoy a mix of all the Chia Sisters range to find your favourite. The Chia Sisters Mix has a bottle of each of our range (see the full list below). We craft our juices ready to order - that means we sometimes run out of stock. If this happens we will replace one or two of the above with another popular flavour.

All Chia Sisters juices are:

  • bottled in a solar powered juicery

  • by living wages earners

  • made 100% from plant

  • bottled in recycled glass

  • crafted by sisters

  • made in Aotearoa

    The Chia Sisters Mix has a bottle (or two in the 24 pack) of each of:

  • Chia blueberry

  • Chia orange passionfruit

  • Chia blackcurrant

  • Chia coconut water & mango

  • Sparkling Coconut Water ginger & turmeric

  • Sparkling Coconut Water blackcurrant

  • Sparkling Coconut Water Tasman Bay berries

  • Sparkling Coconut Water zesty lemon

  • Bottled by the Sun Fresh Pressed Apple

  • Bottled by the Sun Fresh Pressed Boysenberry (winner of best beverage in New Zealand 2019)

  • Bottled by the Sun Orange & Mango

  • Bottled by the Sun Fresh Pressed Feijoa

    Order now and the goodness will be on your doorstep, freight free to any location in the country within 3 working days.

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